All right, well I guess if you’re in the Bay Area,

All right, well I guess if you’re in the Bay Area,

Brandon: That was deep for an off the cuff me throwing that at you. All right, well I guess if you’re in the Bay Area, you should hang out with David and be part of his team. Look at that, I even gave you a plug. Still, the Soldier was able to complete his assessment and walked back to the covered training area, or CTA, with everyone else for equipment layout. During the layout, the Soldier appeared disoriented, as did a few other Soldiers, and was the last to complete each of the assigned tasks. However, no one thought he showed any signs of needing medical attention.After equipment layout, the Soldiers were instructed to eat their lunch MREs and issued two powdered electrolyte replacement packets that can be added to water in canteens.

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