As far as Steve knows, he’s not related to Dum Dum

As far as Steve knows, he’s not related to Dum Dum

This is INSANE. And here it is in a gif for the whole world to quickly and easily see that he is willing to let his own supporters DIE and spread this virus, just so that Fox News will show a crowd that looks bigger than it actually is the next morning. THIS IS A GREAT GIF! We need these types of gifs, no matter the country, no matter the leader, no matter the political party, to keep informed and to stay vigilant..

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cheap nba jerseys Fletcher, who replaced Ron Hextall as GM on Dec. 3, has been on the phone constantly with his lodge brothers to see what they’ve got. And while Hextall was criticized for being too patient when let go Nov. Saturday’s total compared to 13 fatalities the day before as the number of fatalities caused by the virus continues to plummet in the state. During the peak of the pandemic in April, nearly 800 people were dying a day from coronavirus.New York still leads the nation in COVID 19 deaths with nearly 25,000, according to the state’s official tally, which doesn’t include people who likely died of the disease.Meanwhile, fewer than 900 patients were hospitalized Saturday for COVID 19, down from a peak of over 18,000 in April.The governor cautioned that the numbers could spike again if New Yorkers let down their guard down and fail to follow social distancing and mask wearing requirements.”I’m now afraid of the spread coming from other states because we are one country and people travel,” Cuomo said. Hit an all time high of 40,000 on Friday, prompting officials in Texas and Florida to reverse course and close down bars in their states again. cheap nba jerseys

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