“I think you’ve got to do your own internal

“I think you’ve got to do your own internal

“I think that anyone who needs a quarterback should take a look at him,” Aikman said. “I think you’ve got to do your own internal evaluations as far as what his medical history is, and how confident you are that he’s going to be able to be given first of all the protection needed. And when that breaks down, how confident are you that he’s going to be able to take hits and get back up?”.

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Despite growing up with “PA” at the end of his address, Ryan is part of a different narrative. Sure, there’s something about the words “Pennsylvanian born quarterback” that has had an extra ring of success all those other regional football ties can’t match. The quarterback is, well, the quarterback.

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During his senior year in 1952, Beaugez led the Greyhounds to a berth and win in the season ending Shrimp Bowl. Also a standout baseball player, Beaugez would play professionally in the St. Louis Cardinals farm system.. I also decided to place a renewed emphasis on landscape photography. For years I’ve had wedding photographs hanging in my living room. It was a way to show work to couples considering me as their photographer.

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