Zam is the son of Shiite cleric Mohammad Ali Zam

Zam is the son of Shiite cleric Mohammad Ali Zam

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cheap jerseys nba The channel later continued under a different name. Zam, who has said he fled Iran after being falsely accused of working with foreign intelligence services, denied inciting violence on Telegram at the time.The 2017 protests reportedly saw some 5,000 people detained and 25 killed.Zam is the son of Shiite cleric Mohammad Ali Zam, a reformist who once served in a government policy position in the early 1980s. The cleric wrote a letter published by Iranian media in July 2017 in which he said he wouldn’t support his son over AmadNews’ reporting and messages on its Telegram channel.France’s Foreign Ministry described the death sentence for Zam as “a serious blow to freedom of expression and press freedom in Iran.” France abolished the death penalty in 1981, four years after its last decapitation. cheap jerseys nba

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