Spas en bois


You can buy a high quality wooden Hot Tub from manufacturer at the best price through Baltresto online-shop.  A modern wooden Hot Tub with a wood-fired heater is a great alternative or addition to the pool because it can be used in any seasons.

When you buy a wooden Hot Tub, You should remember that they are made of wood which is prone to the natural deformation. It means that a Wooden Tub adapts to its surroundings, especially to the current moisture level. Depending on the way the wood is processed, it absorbs or evaporates moisture which results in a wooden Hot Tub swelling or shrinking. In order to enjoy using your wooden Hot Tub for many years, you should carefully follow the manufacturer's recommendations for its care and maintenance.

The Baltresto online-shop offers a wide range of wooden Hot Tubs for sale made from different types of wood:

  • Cheap wooden hot tubs are made from spruce that meets the basic wood requirements: hardness, moisture-resistance and no rotting. In addition, spruce oils are very healthy, especially for people with lung diseases or smokers.
  • Premium Wooden Hot Tubs are made from larch that is rich in resins. The larch does not rot in water, it even gets harder, therefore, wood-fired Hot tubs made from this material are very popular. When in hot water, larch wood produces essential oils that help normalize blood pressure.
  • Wooden hot tubs are made from thermo-moderated wood treated at high temperatures. As a result, thermo wood absorbs water several times worse and does not produce any resins; it has a saturated homogeneous color and does not need any special care.

The standard kit of the wooden Hot Tub for sale includes: seats (their number depends on its size), stairs, drain and stainless steel hoops easily adjusted: let them go if the product is swollen, or retract them if it is dried up. You can order wooden hot tub kits and build a wood-fired hot tub yourself.

We are confident in the quality of our products and provide a 2-year warranty.

We deliver Hot Tub liners all over Europe: Finland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Albania, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Malta, Monacо, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia.